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Reviving and Restoring the Glory


This book is an inspirational poem book, filled with a variety of different poems. Some of these poems reflect my life before I met God, some may reflect your life now or what your life use to be. They all have a special meaning to me. The title of the book is "Poetry With An Attitude," because our attitude has to do with how we perceive things, and how we treat one another. If we possess negative attitudes, we are likely to make bad choices, such as drugs, alcohol, cursing, and mistreating one another. But when we have positive attitudes we are more I likely to learn more, we go further in life, and we bless others. Poetry With An Attitude is a poetry book that explains that our attitudes have consequences. For example, there isa poem called "Getting Divorced," the attitudes that the two parties involved in the divorce are bad attitudes. This is a call to those who go by His name "Christian" to do better, as well as, to others who want to li a good life. When I perform these poems I do present them with an attitude as well, which brings out their meaning.

Poetry With An Attitude